Welcome to Our TV Show! Episode 5!

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If it’s another month, it’s surely time for another Welcome to our TV Show. This month Jeremy and Fay have gone for a corporate tie-in and given us a label showcase. Happily it’s the ever-ace Moshi Moshi records that’s getting the WTOTS big-up and we’ve got three of their best – The Wave Pictures, Hot Club de Paris and Slow Club playing in the Warmsley-Buzzard lounge.

I need say no more about The Wave Pictures, because they’re already big DG favourites and I’ve said plenty already. Suffice to say that the acoustic version of Now You Are Pregnant is reliably excellent.

Slow Club have been only mentioned in passing here before, though their track Sunday was in my list of top tunes of last year. Their thing is cute ‘n’ charming boy-girl indiepop and even though they’ll probably never blow your socks off, they’ll certainly put a smile on your face, and usually that’s all you need. Their quirky little song When I Go is another of these mouth-turning numbers.

Hot Club de Paris are a band that I’ve never really listened to – not that they’re bad or anything, just that there’s too much music in the world, and sometimes even the decent gets overlooked. Here the amiable Scousers joke their way through a couple of false starts to deliver an acoustic rendition of new song This Thing Forever. Sounds good. I should investigate further.

Behold the videos:

Wave Pictures and Hot Club

Slow Club and some Fresh Prince of Bel-Air tomfoolery

And again, thanks to the good man himself, here are the mp3s.

Download: The Wave Pictures – Now You Are Pregnant (live on WTOTS)
Download: Hot Club de Paris – This Thing Forever (live on WTOTS)
Download: Slow Club – When I Go (live on WTOTS)

Not seen WTOTS before? Check out episode 1, 2, 3 and 4.

The Wave Pictures album Instant Coffee Baby is out now. It’s ace, like I said before. Hot Club de Paris’ new album Live at Dead Lake is out this week - download from emusic. Slow Club don’t have anything out at the moment that I can see, but you can download their 2007 single Me and You from emusic. They’ve also done a wonderful cover of The Mae Shi’s Run to Your Grave - get it from funfunfun.

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