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It seems at first like a heartfelt love song, about someone who will be there, even through the hardest times to help, (“I’ll be here at your side to console”), rescue (“When you’re standing on the window ledge, I’ll talk you back from the edge”) protect (“I will be the angel on your shoulder”) and even, against the odds, try to change (“I will turn your tide”). But then there’s the twist. “My name is Geraldine, I’m your social worker”.

It’s the new single from Glasvegas and it’s their already established blend of the confessional lyrics of James Allan and the band’s Ronnettes meets proper old fashioned fuzzed up noisy indie guitar sound. Business as usual there then, except this time it’s their major label debut, after a couple of very limited – now fetching a mint on ebay – 7 inch singles. And as such it’ll have a lot of money thrown at it to make it a hit. No doubt it will be. Good luck to them. I may not be as excited by Glasvegas as I was last year, but they’re still a decent band who sound like no-one else at the moment.

Download: Glasvegas – Geraldine (radio edit)

Pre-order Geraldine from Rough Trade.

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