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I thought that I’d like The Beep Seals when I heard that Norman Blake of Teenage Fanclub had produced their debut album. I was right. It’s easy to see why they asked Norman to be the producer, as the Manchester band are cut from a very similar West Coast-pop-and-harmonies-loving cloth as the Glasgow elder statesmen. They thought that Norman would be just the person to get the harmonies right, but according to the man himself in a recent interview, he reckoned that they had it all pretty much worked out and he spent more time in the pub than guiding proceedings.

Although they’re a relatively recent outfit in their current form, the various members of the Beep Seals have a bit of history in Manchester bands – Ian, Phil and Jack were in the backing band for football and quiz show-friendly tune-maker Jim Noir and Sam used to be in the decent but never-quite-made-it Alfie. They got together as The Beep Seals in 2006 and have been making sweet music since, though the album Things That Roar is the first full-length fruits of their creative endeavours. The tracks that I’ve heard from the record are all effortlessly tuneful, soaring guitar pop, which as a big Fanclub fan is very much up my street. And yes, the harmonies are just right. Top quality stuff.

Download: The Beep Seals – Biting Glass
Download: The Beep Seals – Chariot Song

Things That Roar is out on 23 June. Pre-order from Heron Recordings.

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  1. 1Ben

    Gradually warmed to them when they played Green Man last summer, and the set closer ‘I Used To Work At The Zoo’ was great. Can’t believe it was only a B-side.

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