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Here’s some new folky goodness for you. Not folky as in the beardy sense, mainly because the kid in Mumford and Sons are probably too young to grow beards. Led by one Marcus Mumford, this west London band peddle a sparkly, breezy, bluegrass-infused folk-pop that’s very similar to Noah and the Whale, or at least what Noah and the Whale sounded like before they headed off in a more shiny pop direction. But hey, there’s plenty of room for both of these bands, particularly when they’re playing such fine music and providing the young folks with happy alternative to spiky guitars and skinny jeans ‘n’ Converse posturing. And for a band who have only been together for about six months, they’ve arrived remarkably fully-formed.

They’ve got a new four-track EP out on Chess Club Records on 7 July. All the songs are good. Here’s one of them.

Buy the Lend Me Your Eyes EP from your local good record shop (no click to buy links yet).

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  1. 1alas.away

    I really liked this song, thank you.

  2. 2Simon

    Ironic you should mention Noah & The Whale, as Marcus is also Laura Marling’s drummer.

  3. 3Neil

    good work sir. now do a Jay Jay Pistolet post :)

  4. 4Anonymous

    i saw marcus accompanying laura marling in nyc and she got him to play one of his band’s song (blank white page) and it was phenomenal. can’t wait for more. glad they’re getting some attention.

  5. 5The Daily Growl

    What a nice little cross-fertilising scene it is. And all the better for it I suppose.

    Neil - I’ve been meaning to do a JJP post for ages. I’ve got some live tracks I recorded at the end of last year, which I need to dig out and get up there. Hopefully sooner rather than later.

  6. 6Neil

    aye, well marcus and JJP be housemates :)
    and that’ll be awesome dude, cheers. i have absolutely truckloads of mr pistolet if you need/want any :)

  7. 7The Daily Growl

    Actually I wouldn’t mind. I like what I’ve heard…

  8. 8Matthew

    I downloaded this and was thinking ‘Ooh, this is good, I wonder where I found it.’ I Googled the group and what do you know - should have bloody well known!

  9. 9Matt

    Sublime music. They seem to be relatively unknown though. They deserve some recognition.

    Facebook group-

  10. 10Anonymous

    saw them supporting david thomas broughton in clerkenwell a few weeks back…very nice…one of the tracks on the EP has a chorus that sounds like the chorus of absentee by emmy the g… accidental cross fertilisation methinks!

    big d

  11. 11mary

    I’ve been following this band since the “Marcus Mumford” days and I’m so glad they’re getting something out so soon since becoming a full outfit in December, the difference from the early demos is subtle yet phenomenal. They’re ten times better live than any band I’ve ever seen. Buy the EP, they deserve the support.

  12. 12Neil

    you have to say that live they really are something else. how marcus plays drums, guitar and sings all at the same time never fails to amaze me :)

  13. 13mary

    A man who can multi-task is always very impressive, I must admit. I can’t do squat at the same time.
    Another point would be the strength of the lyrics combined with all the emotion that goes into their performances. When I listen to Liar I actually feel guilty for some reason that I can’t put my finger on, like it’s my fault or something. I think that must be a very difficult feeling to evoke in an audience…if it’s not just me who feels like that…

  14. 14Anonymous

    check out ‘Davie Fiddle and the Lucky Egg’. they’re mates of this lot playing at their single launch on monday. good stuff.

  15. 15Anonymous

    you can download the EP for free from

  16. 16ihappened

    Just saw Mumford and Sons in Chicago. I came to see Johnny Flynn and had no idea who the opening act was. Well, I was completely blown away. There performance of Little Lion Man was wicked!
    Well, I am a fan and I have been listening to their EP obsessively.

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