You’ve either got it or you haven’t

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There are any number of young bands out there, featuring choppy new wave guitars, incessant drumming and attractive female vocalists. Most of them are a bit rubbish. Stricken City definitely aren’t. Just don’t ask me why. They’ve just got something the others haven’t.

Download: Stricken City – Tak o Tak
Download: Stricken City – The Traveller

On the other hand, I don’t think So So Modern have it. I’ve given the Kiwi band’s spiky electro guitar pop from their new compilation album a few listens now and though they come close, they’re not quite there. They tickle, but don’t really satisfy.

Download: So So Modern – Vulture Kisses
Download: So So Modern – The Love Code

Download the new Stricken City EP for FREE from their website. Two more ace free tracks on their myspace. The So So Modern compilation Friends and Fires + 0000 EPs is out on 7 July on Transgressive Records.

Stricken City video action time!

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