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Over the past year or so I seem to have come across loads of great bands with bad names. You’ve got to overcome your initial prejudice through appreciating the music. With Psychedelic Horseshit it’s the other way around. You hope that the band’s music is really as good as their name.

The answer is a qualified yes. In talking about Psychedelic Horseshit we’ve got to remember to check all usual expectations of production values. I mean, I generally like my music stripped down and without unnecessary embellishment, but this is taking the piss. The Horseshit (as no-one calls them) share an aesthetic with their fellow Columbus Ohio natives and former labelmates Times New Viking (Matt PH did the sound for TNV on their recent UK trip) which is totally no-frills, hard-on-the-ears noise.

My favourite track off the forthcoming New Wave Hippies EP starts off like a cheap guitar playing inside a tin can, before switching into a decent fuzzy pop song, but even this can’t last – the beats soon overtake the song, everything gets out of kilter and it all collapses prematurely. I have to stress though that this is a GOOD THING. As long as you value some messiness in your music, the Psychedlic Horseshit boys are worth your time.

Download: Psychedelic Horseshit – Silent Speed

The New Wave Hippies 7 inch EP is out on 21 July on Half Machine records – get it from your favourite decent record shop. Download previous PH albums from emusic.

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