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Here’s another little treat from Manchester’s Red Deer Records, the good people who put out the Sara Lowes album that I greatly enjoyed at the start of the year. Their latest release is by Sophie’s Pigeons, a four-piece centred round Sophie Nelson - she’s the girl with the piano and the fine voice. The other three add further keys action, violin, glockenspiel, melodica, harmonium, clarinet, and a variety of children’s toys.

There’s an EP that’s just come out – Say Play Sway, and it’s good. If you like your music unfussy, poppy and jaunty, with a big dash of Tori Amos and slightly skewed but top-notch tunes then this should be up your street. It’s breezy, highly infectious stuff.

They’re currently on a bit of a tour and playing a lot of gigs around Manchester, as well as a few places outside the North West. Appropriately enough, they played this week at the Local/End of the Road residency at Bush Hall in London with Woodpigeon. Check them out. I reckon there will be a lot more said about this lot before 2008 is out. There’s an album slated for later in the year, which should be well worth waiting up for.

Download: Sophie’s Pigeons – Say Play Sway
Download: Sophie’s Pigeons – Stars and Garters

Buy the Say Play Sway EP from the Red Deer myspace.

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