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Here’s a plug that I’m doing for my colleague Dan who runs the new Stuffed night with his friends at Ravenous Promotions. Their first gig under their new guise is at Ginglik in Shepherd’s Bush on 12 June.

This isn’t just a piece of opportunistic publicity though. It also gives me an opportunity to write a bit about Gilbert, who is the most intriguing of the four artists on the bill. Gilbert – who is both a person and a band – specialises in a delightfully woozy pastoral electronica which is reminiscent of Lemon Jelly in its use of quirky samples, and also less-well know knob-twiddlers like Pilote. The sample-based tunes are fun, but Gilbert’s music is even stronger when veering towards the ambient, more song-based tracks and the Balearic (like Willow, No Time to Talk, Away).

I’ve no idea what it’s going to be like live, but coming through my headphones it sounds damn fine. The myspace indicates that rather than the prospect of a man hunched over a box of wires, you’ll see a band comprising four or five people playing drums and percussion, bass, organs, violins, horns, singing, and speaking. That sounds well worth checking out to me.

In addition to Gilbert, there will also be decent acoustic tunery from Stages of Dan and Tenuto. Should be a good evening.

Download: Gilbert – Self-Help for the English
Download: Tenuto – Doesn’t Always Go That Way

Buy Gilbert’s self-tilted debut album from Rough Trade.

Here’s the flyer for the evening:

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  1. 1Katie

    I saw Gilbert play at last year’s Green Man festival and it was a riot! Loads of fun, and one of the big surprises of the weekend. Should be a good night…

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