Singles going steady 24: David Devant & his Sprit Wife

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The next single in the series is by a band which I know very little about. Sure, I’ve searched the internets and read some stuff, and David Devant & his Spirit Wife seem to be still active (at least up till last year), but it was best to ask Mrs Growl. After all, this was her CD which I inherited in the post-marital merging of music collections.

If you’re looking at that band name and you’re thinking along the lines of Victorian vaudevillian freakshow, you’re probably not too far wrong. You may get an idea of that from the photo above, and certainly from the picture of lead singer The Vessel here. And not just in their looks – Mrs Growl informs me that during performances of Ginger onstage when she saw them back in the late 90s, someone would grate a carrot over The Vessel’s head whilst he sang. Hilarious. I guess you had to be there though – Mrs Growl remembers their shows with some fondness and says they were fun. A little eccentricity, without tipping over into outright silliness of course, is always welcome in the all-too-often po-faced world of indie rock.

Anyway, I’m posting about these guys mainly because I like this song, in all its rattling, organ-wheezing cheeriness.

Download: David Devant and his Spirit Wife – Ginger

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