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Another artist who’s been on here lately is Esser. A few weeks ago I raved, quite rightly, about his glitch-pop funbag of a single I Love You. Last week I got to hear what he sounds like doing his stuff live when he played with his band on Marc Riley’s BBC 6Music show. It was all good stuff, though he rocks out a bit more than I expected on Leaving Town, and there’s that “she’s never satisfied” moan on Satisfied - I’m always a bit suspicious when men come away with this sort of complaint. If she’s really that unhappy with you, then you are doing something wrong - just sort it out. Still, ace tune though.

Download: Esser – Leaving Town (live on BBC 6Music)
Download: Esser – I Love You (live on BBC 6Music)
Download: Esser – Satisfied (live on BBC 6Music)

Download Esser’s I Love You single from

If you’re uncomfortable with lots of perfectly good food being wasted, don’t watch this video.

3 Comments for “Esser - live radio session goodness”

  1. 1saam khi

    I’m a bit conflicted about Esser. I’m particularly enamoured with his next single Headlock yet wonder what might have been with Ladyfuzz.

  2. 2Rylan

    I love Esser! I reckon he’s going to be big stuff soon. Great to get some electronica based on great tunes!

    Hopefully I’ll get to see him when he plays in London this week, the BBC tracks sound great!

  3. 3Anonymous

    This lad is going to do big things i recon, I heared part of a live version of ‘headlock’ on radio 1. By far the best thing ive heared in a long while!!

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