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Here’s yet another post on The Wave Pictures. It’s needed for three main reasons:

1. I was on Blog Fresh Radio last week, talking ineloquently about the band. You can hear it here (I’m 16.20 minutes in) including a play of You Love Me Like a Madman. In the interview, Bill from Blog Fresh managed a comparison that I’d been struggling to get to describe WP. The Smiths meets Hefner, he said. That’ll do nicely I thought.

2. Their new album Instant Coffee Baby is out now. You should get it. It’s a wonderful collection of songs, some of them culled from their many previous CDR releases (which you can still get from their website). However, re-recording them is probably more to do with the ability of getting wider distribution from a bigger indie label, than the desire to make more polished recordings. That much is clear from the fact that the recording (done in the studio at the Duke of Uke ukulele shop off Brick Lane) still has that classic Wave Pictures rough-edged live sound. I’m pleased to say that there’s nothing polished here – just David Tatersall’s idiosyncratic voice, amusing, wry and plain silly lyrics and tremendous guitar playing, backed up by Franic Rozycki and Johnny Helm’s wobbly but immensely pleasurable rhythm section. It’s already a strong contender for my top 10 of 2008.

3. The Wave Pictures are a brilliant band who everyone should know about. I don’t need an excuse to keep posting about them, so I will.

Download: The Wave Pictures – I Love You Like a Madman
Download: The Wave Pictures – We Come Alive

Buy Instant Coffee Baby from Rough Trade or download from emusic.

Here’s a bonus for all you poor people who don’t have a record player - the b-side of previous single I Love You Like a Madman, which is as good, if not better, than anything on the album.

Download: The Wave Pictures - Holding Hands

Oh, and there was a Wave Pictures interview this week in Drowned in Sound too.

3 Comments for “Yet another Wave Pictures post”

  1. 1greatallgreat

    Hello Daily Growl,
    Never posted before, but did bump into you at EOTR festival last year. I was lucky enough to see the wave pictures at their free show at Battersea Art Centre cafe last night. Great melodies and lyrics, and a lot of fun. A couple of their more upbeat songs really reminded me of the go-betweens (with robert on vocals) - which is ok by me.

  2. 2The Daily Growl

    Ah, nice to hear from you. I can’t believe I still haven’t managed to get to see The Wave Pictures - must remedy that soon. If I continually fail over the summer, at least I’ll have a chance at EOTR this year. Are you going again?

  3. 3greatallgreat

    Oh yeah, definitely. Looking forward to it. I read that their going to announce some more names for EOTR in the next week or so. Line-ups damn good so far.

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