Singles going steady 23: Dinosaur Jr

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In which J Mascis reaches inside to bring out the inner Brian Wilson. He succeeds brilliantly. Why doesn’t he do this more often?

Download: Dinosaur Jr - Take a Run at the Sun

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4 Comments for “Singles going steady 23: Dinosaur Jr”

  1. 1Anonymous

    Dinosaur Jr (i)should/(i) do some beach boys covers!

  2. 2Ass Hat

    indeed. the b-sides on this were as good as the lead track. great stuff.

  3. 3The Ledge

    This was written for the film “Grace Of My Heart” in which J appears as a record producer with Matt Dillon as an all-surfing, all-doing-drugs Brian Wilson type pop star. He even got a couple of lines of mumbled dialogue.

  4. 4The Daily Growl

    Mumbled dialogue indeed. Is the film any good? As for the b-sides, The Pickle Song is surely one of the oddest things recorded under the name Dinosaur Jr. I should post these because this single doesn’t seem to be widely available anywhere…

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