Broken Records @ The Barfly, 4 April 2008

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“You didn’t tell me we were going to see The Arcade Fire” said my friend when he came back from the bar at the Barfly on Friday night. Now I know that Broken Records aren’t too keen on the comparisons with Win Butler and co. but I’m afraid they’re going to get a whole lot [...]

Free Blood and Found

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Another good new thing out today is the 12 inch single from Free Blood, on Adventures Close to Home records. It’s got two tracks plus a remix of each, but the track that I’m really interested in is the version of Grumpy that’s been remixed by FOUND.
If you’re not familiar with them, Free Blood are [...]

Quality is a four letter word

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If you’re forming a band, what do you call yourself? For a start you could follow some of the latest trends in band names. There have been a few recently - mainly animals it seems. We’ve had a few ‘Bears’ and more than a few ‘Wolfs’ in the last few years. But now the word [...]

The Shortwave Set are back

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It’s been a while all right. It was summer 2005 when the first Shortwave Set album was released and I still remember the day I bought it. Not too difficult, considering it was 7 July 2005, and the whole of the London tube network was closed down. I got home from central London to the [...]


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Remember Ladyfuzz? Probably not eh? I do though – mainly through a performance at End of the Road Festival back in 2006. They weren’t great to be honest, but now something different, and dare I say much better, has arisen from the ashes in the shape of their former drummer Ben Esser. He’s now branched [...]

Welcome to our TV show - episode 3

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That man Warmsley has done another Welcome to our TV show. The March 2008 edition made its way online last week, and it’s another fine display of musical talent and living room antics. This time, in addition to superb performances from Ed Harcourt, One Little Plane and Jeremy himself (hey, it’s his show, he can [...]