Emmy + Earlies = The Great

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Second old favourite of the day…

It’s been a long time since I’ve had a proper Emmy the Great post here, but now there’s good reason to have one. Mainly because in a post on her myspace blog on Monday, she confirmed that the long-awaited debut album is now finished

it’s our last day in the studio with the earlies. euan is going to glasgow to mix the record, and tom and i are joining him in two days when i’ve finished voting for anyone but boris. so far it doesn’t sound shit, but there’s still time. name and tracklisting here soon.”

So we have both have false modesty (how can Emmy’s songs + Earlies production be anything other than great? – see albums by Micah P Hinson and King Creosote for evidence of supreme Earlies production) and a fine piece of political sense (for people outside London/UK – ‘boris’ is one Boris Johnson, the Tory buffoon who may well be London Mayor on Friday – gah!). I’ll be joining Emmy in voting for someone who isn’t Boris and waiting in expectation for the release of her ‘not shit’ album.

Here’s a couple of tracks from her last ‘release’ the myspace-only Chris Moss EP from last December.

Download: Emmy the Great – Winchester
Download: Emmy the Great – Long Island (Wave Pictures cover)

8 Comments for “Emmy + Earlies = The Great”

  1. 1saam keephopeinside

    maybe it’s just the pedant in me but when people say “anyone but boris”, surely they are partially endorsing the BNP bloke and the Christian Choice candidate?! Obviously common sense prevails in the end.

  2. 2bill p

    The Earlies… that’s whose name I couldn’t remember.

  3. 3The Daily Growl

    Bill - yes! I didn’t know until reading that myspace blog that she’d been recording with The Earlies, and knowing this makes me even more sure that her album is going to be amazing.

    Saam - I’m not sure they are necessarily endorsing all other candidates. I think that anyone who really doesn’t want Boris as mayor has to vote Ken (I just have), rather than cross one of the fringe candidates.

    There’s a spectrum which has the BNP at one end, with UKIP not far behind, and Matt ‘English Democrats’ O’Connor out on the edges waving like a loon. Needless to say there’s a good few candidates which ‘common sense’ would guard against voting for…

  4. 4saam

    They probably should change the English Democrats to the Anti-Scots instead but more importantly and sadly, Boris has won. Oh well, hopefully the London Assembly means he doesn’t completely break London. I will console myself by listening to that Wave Pictures cover, it’s ace.

  5. 5The Daily Growl

    I can’t believe it! For the first time ever, I have to say I’m ashamed to call myself a Londoner. Hopefully it won’t last for too long…

  6. 6neil

    Ooooo I didnt know this… fantastic news!

    I echo everything you said about Micah and Mr Creosote. If its anywhere near as good as those two’s “earlies” productions it’ll be a classic.

    Also caught N&TW at Archwat Library recently, great fun.

    Hope youre well.

  7. 7Jay

    Can you repost these songs please? Would love to hear them!

  8. 8The Daily Growl

    I’ll try, if I can find them! It may be better to email me and I’ll see what I can do. More chance of remembering that way…

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