Islands – Arm’s Way

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Ways to put people off buying your record:

1. Have a uninteresting, generic-sounding band name
2. Have an awful pun in your album title
3. Have rubbish cover art (see it here)

Ways to encourage people to buy your record:

1. Have an epic sound, where guitars are cranked up and augmented by sweeping strings and massed vocals. Your arrangements, which although they add some complexity to essentially simple songs, never seem too fussy and always help the songs to sound bigger and better. And though of course this will lead to inevitable comparisons to Arcade Fire, you know that healthy doses of Jarvis Cocker-esque style and swagger and some acerbic lyrics make your music very much your own.

That last point of course trumps the first three and means that anyone who pays too much attention to the outward appearances really is missing out.

Download: Islands – Life in Jail
Download: Islands – In The Rushes

Islands‘ new album Arm’s Way is out on 19 May. Available from all these good record shops. It’s very good.

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