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When my promo of the new Tindersticks album arrived last week, my colleague asked me if they were still as miserable. Another colleague answered the question by merely pointing to the sleeve, which as you can see, might give you an idea about the content.

But there’s something reassuring about that, isn’t there? Sometimes you don’t want bands to change too much. I don’t really want to see Tindersticks go all weird folk or add newer, spiker guitars. I want business as usual. I want lushly orchestrated soulful melancholy. I want Stuart Staples’ warm idiosyncratic vocals. I want that gorgeous downing-a-whisky-late-at-night feel.

And that’s sort of what I get with The Hungry Saw, and I’m very happy about that. Mind you, there’s a definite upbeat feel about many of the songs as they swish along, accompanied by the strings, organ and horns that we’ve come to know and love. There are some departures too. Nothing major mind, just little sideways excursions into the likes of jaunty seaside organ music (The Organist Entertains), instrumentals (Introduction, E Type) and a sparser, more experimental sound (Mother Dear). But mostly it’s the familiar company of a good old friend.

All in, this is a very satisfying comeback. Although it’s been five years since Waiting For the Moon, I’ve not exactly been waiting impatiently for something new, but now it’s here it feels like they’ve never really been away. And though this album is full of melancholy, nowhere could it be described as miserable. Uplifting more like.

Download: Tindersticks - The Turns We Took
Download: Tindersticks - E Type

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  1. 1belinha

    Hello!I agree with every word you wrote!!!I am a great fan of Tindersticks…;-)…They are big in Portugal!

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