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Good news in my inbox yesterday – new Tilly and the Wall! I’ve loved this happy-clappy Nebraska outfit before – mainly in 2006 where they seemed to be everywhere in the space of a few months. They did give me possibly the most uplifting gig experience of that year, where on their second UK gig, the confined walls of the Buffalo Bar struggled to contain the joy pouring from the stage, and in turn, the entire audience.

Seeing them a couple more times that year wasn’t quite as amazing, but there was always enough in their all-singing, all-tap dancing performances to stir the soul and put a smile on the face. Second album Bottoms of Barrels, though not as wonderful as debut Wild Like Children, was still brimming with sparking indie-pop gems. But now there’s a new record, seemingly self-titled (though some people have mystifyingly decided to call it O on the basis that there’s a circle round the band’s name on the sleeve) on the way on 17 June. Like I said, this is good news, or at least it is if they keep up the quality of previous outings.

Not having heard it all, it’s hard to say what it’s going to be like, but there are some indications – particularly for those who’ve listened to the Daytrotter session from the end of last year. Two of these tracks – Chandelier Lake and Too Excited – are on the album. One is good, the other is OK. The track that came my way yesterday – Cacophony – sounds like business as usual, which in a way is a good thing, but here’s hoping for some slight sideways excursions like Bad Education to make sure that it’s not going to be an over-sugary snack.

Download: Tilly and the Wall – Cacophony
Download: Tilly and the Wall – Chandelier Lake (Daytrotter Session)

Head over to Daytrotter for more of these sessions mp3s.

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