Lucy and the Caterpillar

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Here’s something new, or at least new to me. Lucy and the Caterpillar is really just Lucy from Manchester with her acoustic guitar and pop songs. You may ask yourself the question of whether we need another female singer-songwriter with an obsession for vintage dresses, playing a wistful, often twee selection of indie folk-pop songs. It’s a valid question, but in this case, having one more is definitely a good thing.

Lucy’s a 20-year old from Manchester and describes herself as a cross between Vashti Bunyan and Destiny’s Child, which isn’t such a bad comparison as it first sounds. The Caterpillar, by the way, seems to be her guitar. She’s been playing around Manchester for a couple of years now, but maybe the time’s right for some national attention. So far she’s only released a couple of limited singles – Red Red Wine and King’s Cross and a new one – Lucy’s Opinion , produced by the fantastic Earlies, comes out on 28 April.

There are some tracks below. This is music that won’t change your life, but Lucy’s whimsical observations on everyday life and sparkling tunes will almost certainly brighten a dreary day.

Download: Lucy and the Caterpillar – Beans on Toast
Download: Lucy and the Caterpillar – Kings Cross (Goldierocks remix)
Download: Lucy and the Caterpillar – I Don’t Want Your Stupid Crisps

Buy the singles, and other goodies, from Lucy’s website shop.

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