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I’m a bit late with this one, but Super Furry Animals are held in such high regard at Daily Growl Towers that I couldn’t let anything involving Gruff Rhys pass by without comment. Particularly if it involves Gruff teaming up with Boom Bip to produce a concept album about playboy engineer John DeLorean. It’s just too intriguing, and that’s even before hearing the music Neon Neon have made. Here’s a tip first, it might help to go to Wikipedia and read a bit about their subject, because he’s an interesting character. For instance, it helps to explain why there’s a track called Belfast (the city where DeLorean had his eponymous, Back-to-the-Future appearing sports car manufactured). Other song titles like Dream Cars and Luxury Pool are a bit more self-explanatory.

But so much for the background. You don’t really need to know the DeLorean-related facts. You mainly need to know that it’s a terrific album, crammed chock-full of sparkling pop nuggets that could probably all be singles in their own right (with some judicious editing out of sweary words of course). It’s appropriately 80s in style, with a cracking synth sound, but there’s more. Gruff’s melliferous voice for one. There are some guest rappers and vocalists too (such as Spank Rock and Yo Majesty) but the genius behind the project is clear. The two main men have got so many good ideas, so many great hooks, that Stainless Style is damn near irresistible. Shockingly, I might even like it more than the last SFA album. Now we’ve got the soundtrack, all we need now is the John DeLorean biopic to go with it. Now that the Hollywood screenwriters are back from striking, someone needs to get busy.

Download: Neon Neon – Trick for Treat
Download: Neon Neon – Belfast

Buy Stainless Style from Rough Trade.

5 Comments for “Neon Neon – Stainless Style”

  1. 1Jeff

    “melliferous”? Interesting.

    Anyhow, good post, great album.

  2. 2The Daily Growl

    Yeah, sorry about that. I read this word recently and liked it. It means “Forming or bearing honey”. I’m not sure that it’s the best description of Gruff’s voice, but I do love his voice and I’ve got a new word and I’m going to use it…

  3. 3leigh

    ohhh the delorean context is very useful. i have the album, and sneakily enjoying it, but did wonder what was up with all the references to hollywood et al.

    oh and, “melliferous”! you learn something new everyday (i will now try and appropriate in a conversation at some point today)

  4. 4Tom Oakley

    My dad bought this a few weeks ago and him playing it in the car was the first time i heard of neon neon - clearly he’s far cooler than i am. It’s cool isn’t it, i was reading an interview and boom bip was saying about how they wanted it to sound really synthetic and manufactured, and you can really see that. my favourite track has to be the one with yo majesty in it.

    PS I am so stealing ‘melliferous’!

  5. 5The Daily Growl

    You do have a cool dad. The idea of my dad listening to Neon Neon is pretty funny.

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