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That man Warmsley has done another Welcome to our TV show. The March 2008 edition made its way online last week, and it’s another fine display of musical talent and living room antics. This time, in addition to superb performances from Ed Harcourt, One Little Plane and Jeremy himself (hey, it’s his show, he can put himself on as much as he wants), there’s a slight branching out going on into the world of comedy. I know that people have been saying that comedy is the new rock and roll for years and years now, but you can judge for yourself in the shape of one Niall Spooner-Harvey.

Watch the performances below via Youtube, or for better quality video, watch on the WTOTS myspace page.

Part 1: Ed Harcourt, One Little Plane

Part 2: Niall Spooner-Harvey, Jeremy Warmsley

As before, here are the mp3s of the performances courtesy of the man himself. Although Ed Harcourt seems to have been around for ages, I’ve never really listened to him much, though this track should see me heading off to check out more of his stuff. One Little Plane is aka Kathryn Bint, formerly of Chicago, now resident in London and working with Kieran Hebden who will release her debut album on his Text Records label in June (and also appears here on guitar). Jeremy’s cover of New Order’s Tempation is more than decent, and if you only listen to the mp3 of Spooner-Harvey, you’re missing out. Stand-up comedy, even more so than live music, is a physical experience that is best seen as well as heard.

Download: Ed Harcourt - Until Tomorrow Then
Download: One Little Plane - The Snails Are Out Tonight
Download: Niall Spooner-Harvey - All My Conservatories Have Won Awards
Download: Jeremy Warmsley - Temptation

The good news is that there are more WTOTS episodes to come ‘later in the year’. Hope it’s sooner rather than later.

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  1. 1Tom Oakley

    that one about the conservatories may well be the funniest thing to come out the internet so far this year.
    although it got front-paged on myspace videos, and all the comments are from 13 year olds in nike caps saying ‘THAT IS NOT FUNNAY THIS MAN IS WIVOUT A SOSHUL LIFE AND IS PROBUBLEE GAY’

  2. 2The Daily Growl

    No reference to the ‘racist’ lines then? No? These kids have obviously got a really good grasp of irony …

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