Emmy + Earlies = The Great

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Second old favourite of the day…
It’s been a long time since I’ve had a proper Emmy the Great post here, but now there’s good reason to have one. Mainly because in a post on her myspace blog on Monday, she confirmed that the long-awaited debut album is now finished
“it’s our last day in the studio [...]

The return of The Young Republic

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I’m going back to some old favourites today, starting with The Young Republic.
The first set of good news is that they’re coming back to the UK for a tour next month, starting at the Borderline on 14 May. The bad news (for me) is that I’m going to be out of the country with work [...]

Quiet Village - Silent Movie

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Remember chill-out? The non-genre that launched a thousand compilations, most of them featuring Groove Armada’s By the River. I’m not sure if the 90s revival has started yet, but it’s surely only a matter of time, and when it does there’s surely going to be a big element of these late-night grooves.
I mention this because [...]

Islands – Arm’s Way

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Ways to put people off buying your record:
1. Have a uninteresting, generic-sounding band name2. Have an awful pun in your album title3. Have rubbish cover art (see it here)
Ways to encourage people to buy your record:
1. Have an epic sound, where guitars are cranked up and augmented by sweeping strings and massed vocals. Your arrangements, [...]

Strange Fruit for David

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The Wave Pictures have a new single out on Monday. It’s called Strange Fruit for David and it’s brilliant. You should buy it. These guys are now my favourite band that I’ve never seen live, though it’s not for lack of them playing. It’s just in these lean gig-going times (for me) that I’ve somehow [...]

The Shortwave Set – Replica Sun Machine

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I’ve been waiting for this album for a long time – as noted in my previous post, almost three years. On the strength of a cracking little seven inch at the end of 2006, I half expected a new album to drop last year, but The Shortwave Set were obviously spending quality time in the [...]

Atlas Sound

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I never really got into Deerhunter, so should I expect to like Bradford Cox’s solo venture Atlas Sound any better? I think the answer, for the moment at least, is a tentative ‘yes’, although please feel free to encourage me further in a Deerhunter direction.
Cox has gone on the record, talking about his new venture [...]

Tindersticks – The Hungry Saw

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When my promo of the new Tindersticks album arrived last week, my colleague asked me if they were still as miserable. Another colleague answered the question by merely pointing to the sleeve, which as you can see, might give you an idea about the content.
But there’s something reassuring about that, isn’t there? Sometimes you don’t [...]

Sunny side up - The Breeders @ Koko, 16 April 2008

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I like guest posts. Not only does it give me more posts for less work, but it also gives friends a forum to share music they love too. This is a particularly good one - a review my my friend Dan of a Breeders’ gig in London last week…
If I enjoyed the Pixies return at [...]

John & Jehn continued

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In this week of French people singing in English, here’s a couple more. Unlike Sebastian Tellier though, John and Jehn have actually made their home in London and they’re very very unlikely to ever be asked to represent their country at Eurovision. Not if they insist on playing their lo-fi Velvets-inspired art rock [...]