Destroyer – Trouble in Dreams

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I have to admit that before listening to this album, I’d never really heard much of Destroyer. But then again, I’m a busy guy and I don’t even have time to keep up with all the New Pornographers-related projects, far less all the good new stuff knocking about out there. I know that Dan Bejar has a hefty back catalogue, but I’m starting fresh with his latest Destroyer album, and I’m glad to say really rather like it.

I can’t quite place what it is that I like about Trouble in Dreams though, because although Bejar’s guitar and keyboard arrangements are quite straightforward, there’s nothing immediate or particularly catchy about the songs on this album. Having listened a few times, I can’t hum any of the tunes yet, but maybe that’s a good thing. Often the most immediate records are the ones that you grow tired of most easily. I’m guessing that this is an album that will slowly work its way into my head and over time become a bit of a favourite. There’s certainly a lot to appreciate – woozy, slightly proggy tendencies that are never overdone, very pleasing guitar riffs, a big expansive sound that almost reaches ‘epic’ and then stops before it becomes overblown, Bejar’s interesting delivery which more than compensates what’s lacking in the vocal department (at times it’s like he’s aping Dylan). There are faint echoes of many bands I like here including Mercury Rev, The National and even REM, but the sound is distinctive enough to make it one that I’m sure to return to regulalry. The only thing that worries me now is the potential need to tap into that intimidating discography. Where to start?

Download: Destroyer – Foam Hands
Download: Destroyer – Rivers

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