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Here’s something new that came my way a couple of days ago, and since French bands seem to be quite the thing at the moment, I thought I’d give it a whirl. John and Jehn (should that be John et Jehn?) are a French couple living in London to make their musical mark. That might be just beginning. Their debut album is out sometime soon (can’t find exactly when), and though the fact that it’s split into a ‘John’ and ‘Jehn’ side (how does that work in a non-vinyl format?) might suggest some sort of artistic division, it seems that they work together very nicely indeed thank you. They should though, because they’re more than just an artistic pairing.

The most obvious comparison might be made with The Kills, but unlike Hince and Mosshart, they’re actually a proper couple and one of them isn’t shagging Kate Moss. Plus from what I’ve heard of both John and Jehn and Midnight Boom, the French folks are easily better. They peddle a sort of lo-fi rock ‘n’ roll swagger, with pleasingly wheezing keyboards and ramshackle beats, guitar often cranked up and voices sweetly blended. In all the slight griminess of it all, they haven’t forgotten to write good tunes. What I’ve heard from their myspace is enough to make me officially intrigued. More French goodness then? Yes please.

Download: John & Jehn – 20 L 07
Download: John & Jehn – Make Your Mum Be Proud

All I know about John & Jehn I learned from this Drowned in Sound interview a couple of days ago. DiS don’t mention The Kills, which is a good thing.

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