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People have been getting excited about Santogold (Santi White to her mum) for a few months now. Although she made it into that BBC top 10 for 2008, she might not have achieved Vampire Weekend–big coverage yet, but surely that’s only a matter of time. Whether it’s Mark Ronson vocal slots, MIA supports, or hanging out with hotshot beatmeisters like Switch, Sinden and Spank Rock’s Alex ‘Armani XXXChange’ Epton, she’s got friends in all the right places.

The two songs of hers most widely available right now show her off as both sounding a wee bit like The Yeah Yeah Yeahs (LES Artistes) and a whole lot like MIA (Creator). She’s an intriguing prospect for sure. I can’t wait to hear more.

Download: Santogold – LES Artistes (XXXChange remix)
Stream: Santogold – Creator

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