Big love going out to Brainlove

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Sometimes great new music can just hit you from out of nowhere. Yesterday afternoon, a message popped into my inbox from John Brainlove, head honcho of the excellent Brainlove Records with info on the label’s new release – a split 7 inch featuring Friends of the Bride and Modernaire.

Friends of the Bride I was familiar with, and have always enjoyed their big-band swing meets 60s beat sound with a definite modern twist. If you’re not acquainted with Bobby Grindrod and co, maybe think a bit like Richard Hawley but with more swagger, energy and better pop tunes. They don’t really seem to do ballads from what I’ve heard. The two tracks on the seven inch are further fine examples of why it’s not just about the dapper looks and period detail with these guys - they can knock out more than a few decent retro songs as well.

But it was Modernaire who really knocked me sideways, for a moment at least. There’s nothing particularly special or innovative in what they’re doing – it’s basically just boy-girl electro-pop – but it just comes together so well. Like Goldfrapp with a lighter touch. Good though Modernaire are generally, for me it’s all about one particular tune. In fact, I’d go as far as saying that Taste is going to be one of the best pop tunes of the year. Watch out for this Manchester band. They’re another group with style and swagger, but decent tunes to match.

I’m not going to post any of the tracks from the single, as you should go and buy the 7 inch, or at least download from emusic (the cheap option) when the record’s released on 17 March. You can listen to the tracks from the single on the respective myspace sites, and in the meantime here are a couple of tracks by each band to whet your appetite.

Download: Friends of the Bride – End of Loneliness
Download: Friends of the Bride – Moments
Download: Modernaire – Scalpel
Download: Modernaire – Rain

Buy the 7 inch from Brainlove Records. There are more Modernaire recordings available to buy through their myspace.

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  1. 1Matthew

    You know, I found out about Modernaire quite recently too, but entirely by accident whilst faffing about on MySpace. They’re really good. Friends of the Bride I’m not so keen on though.

  2. 2jamila FUCKING DANCE

    woo modernaire. FINALLY people starting to notice them.

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