Euro week 2: The Raveonettes

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Aargh! Where did the week go? Rather than it being Euro week on The Daily Growl, it’ll have to be Euro couple-of-days. Oh well. Let’s get on with it then – today we’ve got The Raveonettes from Denmark.

My experience of The Raveonettes has been short-lived but very sweet. It mostly consists of a cracking gig at Cargo a few years back. Me and my friend turned up late and crammed into the back of the venue against the bar, but still managed to have a fantastic time as the Danish duo cranked out their sweet harmonies and guitar noise. Shortly afterwards (or was it before, I can’t remember) I bought a copy of a 10 inch single Ode to LA, with an ace cover of Hank Williams’ I’m So Lonesome on the flipside. And that was it. I never quite got round to buying a copy of Pretty in Black, whose songs sounded so good that night in Shoreditch and I led a Raveonettes-free life until a copy of their latest album Lust Lust Lust came my way the other week.

It’s probably both a good and a bad thing that they sound just the same as I remember them. Album opener Aly, Walk With Me is a blistering way to set out your intentions for a record. Sharin Foo and Sune Rose Wagner certainly live up to the ‘ettes’ part of their name, by combining classic 60s girl/boy vocals and simple melodies, to Jesus and Mary Chain-style fuzzed up guitar distortion. By the time the thrilling 5 minutes are over, you’re certainly warmed up for what’s to come, but also left asking ‘how can they follow that?” and I’m still not convinced that they can.

You see, although I love the Raveonettes’ sound and aesthetic, over the course of a full album, and without much variation in style it all becomes a bit too samey. At times, you’ll come across songs (like Blush) that have that something extra special to raise them above the rest but most of the rest pass by in a very agreeable but unchallenging way. But maybe I need to lighten up. Music’s surely not about being challenged all the time is it? Surely it’s more often just about enjoying the sound, and how it makes you feel. Maybe I need to be back in a small packed room with the Raveonettes again. That could be the tonic I need.

Download: The Raveonettes – Aly, Walk With Me
Download: The Raveonettes – Blush

Buy Lust Lust Lust from Rough Trade or download from emusic.

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