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So, the second edition of Jeremy Warmsley and Fay Buzzard’s Welcome to Our TV Show is up online now, and like the first, it’s very good. It’s a sort of lo-fi Jools Holland, where the hosts are less slick, but also far less cringeworthy. If you missed the first, the premise is basically a load of bands and mates piling into Jeremy and Fay’s living room and getting filmed playing unreleased songs.

This time round it’s the turn of Emmy the Great, Lightspeed Champion and Laura Groves, as well as Jeremy himself again to step up to the mic. There are four new songs, all good, but there is a hierarchy of goodness which I’ll attempt to describe.

Firstly Lightspeed Champion plays an unnamed song which goes by the working title of ‘The Hooker Song’ (“or ‘Escort Song’ if you want to be polite”). It’s his attempt to write a song from the perspective of a Brazillian prostitute, and is nowhere near as bad as that sounds. Not having seen Dev perform on his latest tour, I don’t know if this is the ‘one new song’ that’s he’s been threatening to play. Good enough it is, but it really should be Mr Fisk.

Next we have Emmy the Great doing a new song called 24 which as you might imagine, is named after, and is sort of about, the Kiefer Sutherland-centric TV series. And being such, it contains the killer line “The man on the screen has done more in a minute than you have achieved in your whole entire life”. Though not as great as the best of her songs, it’s still further confirmation that she’s easily one of the best unsigned artists in the country today.

Third is The Boat Song, co-written and sung by Jeremy and Emmy in an acoustic duo stylee. Him playing guitar, both of them singing, sort of like the Moldy Peaches but without all the filthy lyrics. Maybe it could be on the soundtrack for Juno 2. A fine tune I think.

Best of the lot is a new song by Laura Groves, who with only a handful of songs so far has already proved just how hot a talent she is. With only her Salvia Records I Am Leaving single and a few more tracks to go by, we know she’s good, but she steps up her game even further in a highly impressive fashion with a stunning piano ballad, and with her unique vocal style, the Joanna Newsom comparisons are bound to start flowing soon. Mark my words.

Watch away with these YouTube embeds, but if you want higher quality picture, go to the myspace site.

Welcome to Our TV Show January 2008 Part 1 (Lightspeed and Jeremy and Emmy)

Welcome to Our TV Show January 2008 Part 2 (Emmy and Laura)

The even better news is that this time you can not only watch the live action, but you can download the tracks as well. The mp3s for this TV show and the previous December one are all below. Enjoy!

January 2008

Download: Lightspeed Champion - ‘The Hooker Song’
Download: Jeremy Warmsley & Emmy the Great - The Boat Song
Download: Emmy the Great - 24
Download: Laura Groves - I Wish I

December 2007

Download: Mystery Jets - Flakes
Download: Laura Marling - Shine
Download: Noah and the Whale - To Cyril at Crunkmas
Download: Jeremy Warmsley - I Think I’m Going Out of My Head

WTOTS photo from Emmy the Great’s photo blog.

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  1. 1jessicajlee

    I sort of feel, given the obvious emotional content of her performance, that 24 might be one of her best. *shrug*

  2. 2The Daily Growl

    You could be right. For me, time will tell…

  3. 3Anthony V

    Emmy the great is so CREEPY - i LOVE IT!

  4. 4Matthew

    I’m really glad you posted this, Tim. I got an email from Jeremy a while back which I have ended up ignoring, primarily because it doesn’t fit into an easy box for me to post about. Which is just silly.

    So, duly shamed, I am off to, erm, copy your post or something like that. I love these small enterprises where people are so genuinely and obviously trying to do something different, and personal and sincere.

  5. 5Tom OMG

    An mp3 of ‘hooker/escort song’

  6. 6last shadow puppet

    i love you so much for the lightspeed champion & emmy the great songs :) thanks !

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