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“No matter how many records I buy, I can’t fill this void”. So starts In Loving Memory Of… the new EP/mini-album by Let’s Wrestle, but in case you might be thinking that what follows are tales of musically-related existential crises, don’t worry. That song – I Won’t Lie to You, one of last year’s best tunes in my opinion – is one of six short, scrappy punky rock ‘n’ roll tunes that mark out Let’s Wrestle as one of the most interesting bands around at the moment. It’s a brief calling card for sure – the ‘album’ clocks in at a mere 17 minutes, but let’s not complain about length-for-money value when the songs fizz with as much lo-fi energy as these.

As much as I like In Loving Memory of… though, I have a couple of minor gripes. The first is an unusual one for me. As someone who often rails against over-produced records, I’m finding it hard to admit that most of these tracks would probably be better if they sounded a little more meaty. But I reckon that it’s live where Let’s Wrestle really kick it, so I should go and see them. The other slight disappointment is that their ‘theme song’ Let’s Wrestle with its chorus of “Let’s wrestle, Let’s fucking wrestle” and lyrics proclaiming that “Pro-wrestling is the way forward” has not yet been committed to CD or vinyl. Still, small beer when a band are as fun as this. You can hear it on their myspace anyway.

Download: Let’s Wrestle – I Won’t Lie to You

In loving memory of is out now on Stolen Recordings, which between this and the new Pete and the Pirates album really are in rude health the moment. The cover art of the CD clearly extends Let’s Wrestle’s titular homage to David Shrigley. Buy it from Rough Trade (who also have some natty LW t-shirts for sale).

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