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With some bands it can be quite hard to put a finger on what’s so great about them. This is definitely the case for Pete and the Pirates. On paper, there’s nothing very remarkable. It’s fairly straightforward – guitar, bass, drums, singing. Nothing particularly original or groundbreaking. But there’s something special there. Somewhere, someone has clicked their fingers, or flicked a switch and worked some magic. So often, this is the best kind of indie rock, no nonsense, no fancy stuff, just good honest decent tunes with a dose of energy that makes it work just right.

Pete and the Pirates have been peddling this fuzzy, catchy guitar pop for a while now. They’ve already released a couple of mini-albums/EPs on Stolen Records, and are about to release their new debut full-length album Little Death next Monday. It’s been preceded by the single Mr Understanding, which shows them off as poppier Pixies, updated for 2008. Actually, forget that, there’s nothing very ‘now’ about it at all – it’s not very fashion-conscious, and no doubt that’s one of the things that makes Pete and the Pirates so good. I reckon they’ll age well. I’ll be surprised if Mr Understanding isn’t in my favourite songs of the year come round-up time in 11 months time.

The Reading-based band played live on Marc Riley’s BBC 6Music show last week (which has become firmly my favourite radio programme), so I got a chance to hear what they sounded like in action. I’d been keen to see them doing it in the flesh soon.

Download: Pete and the Pirates – Bright Lights (live on BBC 6Music)
Download: Pete and the Pirates – Mr Understanding (live on BBC 6Music)

Pre-order Little Death from Rough Trade. Buy Mr Understanding7 inch.

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