The Death Set

Wednesday, 13 February 2008, 17:18 | Category : Uncategorized
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Here’s the second post of the day, carefully yet pathetically designed to boost my cool ratings. Ladies and Gentlemen, I bring you one of the hottest bands of the moment - The Death Set!

I first came across this Baltimore (by way of Australia) band on an obscure compilation over a year ago called 50 minutes. [...]

Acting my age

Wednesday, 13 February 2008, 17:12 | Category : Uncategorized
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Given that my clubbing days are quite far behind me, and even my regular gig-going habit has been slowed to a trickle by the responsibilities of fatherhood, I’m probably not the best person to be commenting on the new Kitsune Maison compilation. The uber-cool French label (and now shop) is up to its fifth genre-defining [...]