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How important is a good album cover? It’s not essential obviously – some of my favourite records of last year had terrible covers (see SFA, MIA, Animal Collective) – but sometimes a decent cover can enhance an album, or your expectations of it at least. I’m not even sure what exactly it is about the cover of Invitation Songs by The Cave Singers that I like so much. Maybe it’s the green-ness (I like green), maybe it’s the pleasing symmetry of where the band are placed between the trees and the grass, or the obvious natural beauty of the surroundings. I don’t really know, but as I’ve been listening to this album at my computer, having the CD case in front of me has definitely enhanced my mood and listening experience (it’ll be even better on vinyl).

It’s an album that’s grown on me quite a lot since I started listening to it a few weeks back. The cover doesn’t just look good, it seems very appropriate for a band which plays an honest, earthy type of folk rock, reminiscent of the likes of The Mountain Goats and Two Gallants. There are no obvious hooks which will keep these songs bouncing around in your head for days, but listen to it for a bit and it feels richly textured and substantial. It’s an album that you can get your teeth into and ends up being a very satisfying listening experience. So approach it with the right expectations, and maybe with the album cover in view, and hopefully it should bring you the same pleasure as it has to me.

Download: The Cave Singers – Helen
Download: The Cave Signers – Cold Eye

Pre-order Invitation Songs from Rough Trade, and no doubt emusic, once it’s officially released in the UK next Monday. You can get the single Dancing on Our Graves from emusic now – the b-sides are good as well.

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  1. 1Anonymous

    I agree I absolutely love this album and the art is beautiful. The Daytrotter article for the band’s session provides a really beautifully written description of the art and how it has to do with the actual music.

    and I also feel like MIA’s ugly album cover made me like the album less.

  2. 2Matthew

    It’s really nice but, as you say, in a low key way. They’re supporting Band of Horses over here quite soon and I think a certain young lady you know has snagged me an interview. Whee!

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