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Back in 2000 a compilation called Disco Not Disco was released on Strut Records which made a bit of a splash. It was compiled by Joey Negro and Sean P who collected a heap of New York late 70s club classics from the likes of Dinosaur, Loose Joints, Liquid Liquid and Don Cherry. It was disco, but not the sort of disco that might immediately spring to mind when the word is mentioned. Hence the title, I guess.

It was a perfect 11-track summary of a particular type of music from a particular time that was about to become a whole lot more widespread in the years that followed. Listening to the likes of LCD Soundsystem and The Rapture, you can clearly hear what some of their biggest influences are.

The comp was successful enough to lead to a volume two a year later. Again more similar classics. I wish I had bought them now, because in 2003 Strut folded and now the albums sell for silly money. The one on Amazon marketplace at the moment is going for fifty quid. Bah.

But there’s some good news. Not only is Strut Records being revived, but there’s another Disco Not Disco compilation that’s been released this week. In some ways it’s more of the same twisted disco, punk-funk, proto-house, whatever you want to call it. But in this case, more of the same is definitely a good thing. There must be so many of these late 70s / early 80s gems out there that need to be heard by a new audience, and Bill Brewster has selected 14 excellent tracks from these. Every one a killer. There are a bit more British and European tracks on this new one too, with such forgotten legends as Shriekback, Quango Quango and Delta 5 getting a welcome re-appraisal. There are extensive sleevenotes from the renowned DJ historian too, all making the CD lovely little package.

Here are a couple of tunes:

Download: Quango Quango – Love Tempo (Remix)
Download: Delta 5 – Mind Your Own Business

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More info on the Disco Not Disco website. It has some video action, including this corker of a live performance from German outfit Liaisons Dangereuses, which featured members of the yet-to-be-formed Einstürzende Neubauten. Check that dancing!

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