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Here’s somebody who believes in value for money. When most artists release an EP it’s usually four songs. Some even have the temerity to call a three-track single an EP. With the third track a live recording. But not Kid Harpoon. He’s now onto his second EP for Young Turks Records and like the first (see my review of that here), he’s crammed six tracks on. So that’s a whole album’s worth of new material before any long-player is even released. Good on him.

All of this would of course count for nothing if the songs themselves weren’t any good, but happily this isn’t the case. These are six solid tunes, which are compelling listening without necessarily being catchy. The first impression from the start of Riverside is that he’s rocking out a bit more. He’s practically spitting out the words as he sings “I will watch you sink to the river bed”. Crikey. But then again, we’re lacking some decent murder ballads in today’s world of indie.

And so on through the next five tracks as the Chatham’s finest young bard (are there any more, apart from the considerably older Billy Childish?) showcases imaginative lyricism, instrumentation that doesn’t sacrifice intricacy even when turning up the volume a bit, and the Kid’s obvious passion for all of this stuff. Although Riverside may be the obvious stand-out, my favourite is Her Body Sways, which is a little bit warmer, a little bit folky, a little bit rock ‘n’ roll, and all great. It’s all highly recommended.

Download: Kid Harpoon – Her Body Sways

The Second EP is out on Young Turks on 18 February, on 7 inch vinyl. Those of you who have record players, you know what to do. Those of you who don’t, know too – get one! (it’ll probably be on emusic as well though)

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  1. 1Matthew

    Have you got some cheeky review copy of this you jammy swine?

    I loved his last one, and I will be buying this instantly.

  2. 2The Daily Growl

    I do indeed, and it is as good as I say. However it is on CD, so I think I’ll still be buying the vinyl, which will be much better of course.

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