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This post is mainly for linkage purposes. Last March, I started a series called Singles Going Steady, which is a trawl through my CD single collection, before I box it up and consign it (most of it anyway), to the back of some cupboard in my house. Everyone knows that CD singles is a format that’s close to extinction, but there’s a lot of great music on mine that’s worth celebrating while I still have them to hand.

The list below will obviously be added to over time. Just before it comes however, being an mp3 blog, this provides the opportunity for a musical tie-in. The most appropriate one I have here is Barr’s The Song is the Single, from last year’s Summary album on Upset! The Rhythm. I’m not normally a big fan of Brendan Fowler’s spoken-word-with-beats stuff, but this track is great. It’s more for the title than the lyrical content though, because unlike the chorus of the song, the singles on these posts most definitely do not suck.

The posts.

Most of these will no longer have the mp3s attached, but if you would like anything, give me a shout.

2. Avalanches remixes and b-sides

4. !!!

5. My Radio 2 tendencies (Athlete, Tori Amos, All Saints, Aztec Camera)

6. Bjork

7. Blur

8. The Bluetones

9. The Beta Band

10. Gone, but not entirely forgotten (Barefoot Contessa, Blind Jackson)

11. Beachwood Sparks

12. The Breeders

13. Boards of Canada

14. Belle & Sebastian special

15. Coldcut

16. The Kills

17. Cornershop

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