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I first mentioned Sara Lowes on this blog back in November 2006, as I anticipated the second album by The Earlies, the band which she plays keyboards for. I also posted two tracks from a 7 inch single recorded by Sara with The Earlies as her backing band – it’s one of the obscure gems from my record collection, and well worth picking up if you see it anywhere. The cover of the Webb Brothers I’ve Been Waiting was good enough, but it was The Ballad of Thomas Danger that really showcased her talents as a songwriter.

As far as I’m aware, this single was her only recorded output before her EP Tomorrows Laughter hit the shops amid the seasonal silliness in December, and given the time of year, best of 2007s and all that, it probably slipped under anyone’s radar. Now that the New Year is here, the time’s right to give it a proper appraisal.

The EP is a six-tracker, each one packed with the sort of influences Sara no doubt extracts from her record collection. There’s elements of lovely hushed piano ballads, pleasing folkiness, cello which doesn’t seem like an add-on, late-period Beatles tendencies, and even the odd tilting towards 70s rock. The good thing is that all of these elements are often present in the same song.

It’s the title track that’s the killer, with its hushed melodic opening, then when the snare drum sounds, it’s time to switch into pop gear. Add to that the psychedelic whirls which can be found elsewhere on the record (and have at least a little scent of the Earlies), and it’s my standout track so far this year (four days in) clocking in at a glorious six and a half minutes, not one second of which is wasted.

Download: Sara Lowes – Tomorrows Laughter

From her myspace, it seems that there aren’t any tour dates upcoming, which is a shame, but you can buy Tommorrows Laughter direct from the site or from good record shops.

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  1. 1Anonymous

    thanks for the review.


    dunk (red deer club) x

  2. 2Matthew

    Liking this one lots. Cheers Tim old chap.

  3. 3Mary Popins

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  4. 4The Daily Growl

    It’s such a shame that you’ve found the work of Sara Lowe’s home improvement company to be lacking Ms Popins. I reckon it’s because she’s spending so much time making excellent music, that she’s let the DIY side of things slip a little…

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