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There are so many bands out there. So many guitar-toting kids competing for your attention, and so many PRs and record companies pushing stuff your way in the hope this or that bunch of young bucks will be the next big thing, or at least develop some sort of cult appeal. So to help with the selection process today, here are a few questions to ask:

· Does the band have a great name? Possibly named after a David Shrigley book?
· Do they have a theme song?
· Do they, more specifically, have a theme song with a chorus that goes “Let’s Wrestle, Let’s Fucking Wrestle”?
· Do they have an appealingly ramshackle sound that clatters along with little concern for grace and finesse, but with more of a desire for messed-up rock ‘n’ roll?
· Do they have a song called I Wish I Was in Husker Du, that actually starts with the line “I wish I was in Part Chimp”
· Do they take pride in being “the most miserable and hateful band in London”?

If the answer to more than one of the above is ‘no’, then the band in question is clearly not Let’s Wrestle, and right this minute is not worthy of your attention. After you finish reading this, you should really go to their myspace and listen to four songs, one of which is their new single I Won’t Lie To You, which coming at this time of the year is a blessed rough-edged relief to the growing mass of smooth festive pap that surrounds us. In an ideal world it would be Christmas number one.

Download: Let’s Wrestle – I Wish I Was in Husker Du

Buy I Won’t Lie To You and wish the miserable bastards a happy Xmas.

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  1. 1Vivian Evelina

    ooo yes. i love their “song for abba tribute record”!

  2. 2Anonymous

    I know this band.
    As good as their music may be, how can such a dickhead (Mike the bassist) have so much success…if you knew them you’d say the same thing.

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