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Here’s something to send you off gently into the weekend.

I first came across Phosphorescent - aka Georgia native, Brooklyn resident Matthew Houck - earlier in the year after a friend’s tip-off. His woozy psychedelic melodies were an instant hit with me, and his last album Aw Come Aw Wry has been a big favourite ever since.

One of the good things about getting into an already-established artist is that there might be another album along sooner than you think, and sure enough a few months later we have the new Phosphorescent album, Pride, released on Dead Oceans records last week. It’s another work of understated loveliness, showing Houck’s ability to create warm, glowing pieces of hymn-like beauty, where his own cracked vocals are surrounded by a wheezing harmonica and the sound of a celestial harmonising choir.

As the nights get darker, leaves pile up on the street and autumn draws further in, this album seems more and more appropriate. It’s not just good, it’s also wonderfully evocative. It takes me to a crackling fire, low atmospheric lighting, a warm alcoholic haze that accompanies a happy, but reflective evening. Not many of these things are available to me at the moment in our central London flat where a small baby takes up most of our waking time and energies, but I can listen and dream.

Download: Phosphorescent - A Picture of our Torn Up Praise
Download: Phosphorescent - The Waves at Night

Buy Pride from Rough Trade or download from emusic.

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