Singles going steady 12: The Breeders

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A quick return to the old CD singles then, and this is a goodie. From back in 1993, it’s The Breeders’ Cannonball. In short, this is a great song, and deservedly an 90s classic. From the ace feedback at the opening, though the moment that that bassline cracks into life and then sets about propelling [...]

Police Story

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Los Campesinos! Have a new single out. Apparently it’s a ‘concept single’ and playing on the fact that it’s called The International Tweexcore Underground, the band have recorded b-sides that take in both the ‘twee’ and the ‘(hard)core’ of the title. So they’ve gone for totemic examples of each – Heavenly’s C is the Heavenly [...]

4 or 5 Magicians

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Here’s something that finally made its way to me the other day after languishing in the strike-ridden postal system for a few weeks. It’s the new single/EP from 4 or 5 Magicians, a Brighton band which reputedly formed ‘due to necessity’ in autumn 2005 when their frontman Dan failed to book an opening act for [...]

The Young Republic: 12 Tales from Winter City

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Finally making a long-overdue appearance on The Daily Growl after poking through the recent holiday and general busyness-related backlog, is one of the finest albums of the year. It would have been just plain wrong if I hadn’t featured this. It’s too good to let slip past.
I know I’ve gone on at length before about [...]