Back from the dead – with Metronomy, The Mules, Jeff Lewis

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I’m back. After a couple of weeks of irregular posts, lots of work, holidays and a gruelling 19-hour round trip to Scotland (the journey, not Scotland of course) I’m hoping that I’m back to more regular posting. We’ll see how it goes. Before I embark on proper reviews again, here’s something that was waiting for me in my small pile of CDs when I got back yesterday. The new single from Metronomy Radio Ladio, which is full of their usual bleepy goodness. They’re touring everywhere over the next couple of months, so if you’re going to see Foals, Kate Nash, Bloc Party or CSS, make sure you get down early. Not sure if they still have their light-up t-shirts, but the beats should be good. Here’s one of Radio Ladio’s b-sides.

Download: Metronomy – Hear to Wear

What else is new? I’m sure I’m missing some music due to east London postal workers’ penchant for striking, and I know that one thing I haven’t received yet is Pick Your Own, the ace-sounding new compilation album based on The Mules’ recent Big Chill House residency. More on that when it comes through, but one of the tracks on that comp is The Mules’ new single This is Your Life. For now, here’s the video.

While I’m on YouTube action, here’s the latest from the Black Cab Sessions – none other than NYC troubadour, Jeffrey Lewis thankfully not playing something off 12 Crass Songs.

That’ll do for now. More music coming right up…

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  1. 1Anonymous

    12 crass songs is a great album! I don’t get why everybody but this blog, is underrating it.

  2. 2The Daily Growl

    I love Jeff Lewis. I even like what he’s done with the Crass songs. It’s just the lyrics that are so wearisome. Such a difference from Lewis’ own…

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