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I know this feature is normally a wee bit late, but surely 14 days into the month is a bit too late to be having a retrospective look back at the previous one. Well, it is really, but I’ve been a hell of a busy elsewhere. And I’ve got a programme here, and I’m going to roll with it, right? So here goes…
Album of the month

Animal Collective – Strawberry Jam

Again, a few decent releases in September, but none bringing me so much pleasure as this one. Haven’t had a chance to review it properly, so this’ll have to do. Needless to say that it’s another woozy psychedelic delight, which reminds you of the Beach Boys without sounding anything like them, and has folky sensibilities without sounding anything like folk music (even freak folk, whatever that is). The band ply on the effects and layer the sounds to create something of a skewed pop masterpiece. Like Daily Growl fave Danielson, AC are another band that sound more like a pop band the more you listen to them, while others are scratching their heads and calling it weird. In that vein then, Peacebone is surely this year’s Did I Step on Your Trumpet?

Download: Animal Collective - Peacebone

Songs of the month

King Creosote – Admiral

I’ve been enjoying the new King Creosote album much more than I thought I would after his disappointing set at End of the Road Festival. It’s a mixed bag, but it can’t go wrong with drop-dead gorgeous tracks like this one. When Kenny’s voice is to the fore, with only miminal backing, it is a wonderful thing indeed.

David Thomas Broughton – Walking Over Me [link to previous post for the mp3]

My discovery of the month. Before End of the Road Festival, David Thomas Broughton was just another name, another supposed singer-songwriter. Now I know that he’s a totally unique talent with a live show unlike anything else I’ve seen. And brilliant songs too. This is the one that’s been going round in my head ever since.

The Young Republic – Modern Plays
[link to previous post for the mp3]

It may seem that the Young Republic has a guaranteed place on my monthly best-ofs this year. It’s not like I have an obligation or anything, but if the keep on releasing top-quality indie-pop like this, they’ll keep on impressing me at least.

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