X-rated: Kylie and Studio

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Here’s the second post of the day containing the kind of stuff not usually usually featured on The Daily Growl. This time, pure pop.

It’s getting easier for me to get excited about pop music these days, as the world of indie rock/pop has become such a dreary place of late. Every time I check my [...]

Pre - Epic Fits

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Here’s something you don’t normally get on The Daily Growl – a good dose of fast, shouty noise rock. I don’t normally listen to this kind of thing, but it would be remiss of me to let this one pass without some kind of comment.
The band in question are Pre, a London-based five-piece centred round [...]

Akron/Family – Love is Simple

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Simply put, this is one of the best albums of the year, from a band that I knew next to nothing about until a couple of weeks ago. I had always associated Akron/Family with the outer reaches of American ‘freak folk’ (whatever that means) and thought they might be one of these bands that may [...]

The Boredoms / Michael Gira @ Shoreditch Town Hall, 26 October 2007

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We were late to this gig due to a nail in my car’s tyre and an quick spare wheel change, which meant that most of Michael Gira’s set was missed. This was no bad thing though. I’ve never like the Swans much, and the four or five songs we caught of Gira’s acoustic set seemed [...]

Yo La Tengo @ End of the Road Festival 2007

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I’ve already raved about Yo La Tengo’s brilliant set at this year’s End of the Road Festival. Now here it is for you to enjoy. I was contacted by a guy called Mike Aldridge after my review post, kindly offering me a high quality recording of the gig that he had made from his position [...]

Singles going steady 12: The Breeders

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A quick return to the old CD singles then, and this is a goodie. From back in 1993, it’s The Breeders’ Cannonball. In short, this is a great song, and deservedly an 90s classic. From the ace feedback at the opening, though the moment that that bassline cracks into life and then sets about propelling [...]

Police Story

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Los Campesinos! Have a new single out. Apparently it’s a ‘concept single’ and playing on the fact that it’s called The International Tweexcore Underground, the band have recorded b-sides that take in both the ‘twee’ and the ‘(hard)core’ of the title. So they’ve gone for totemic examples of each – Heavenly’s C is the Heavenly [...]

4 or 5 Magicians

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Here’s something that finally made its way to me the other day after languishing in the strike-ridden postal system for a few weeks. It’s the new single/EP from 4 or 5 Magicians, a Brighton band which reputedly formed ‘due to necessity’ in autumn 2005 when their frontman Dan failed to book an opening act for [...]

The Young Republic: 12 Tales from Winter City

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Finally making a long-overdue appearance on The Daily Growl after poking through the recent holiday and general busyness-related backlog, is one of the finest albums of the year. It would have been just plain wrong if I hadn’t featured this. It’s too good to let slip past.
I know I’ve gone on at length before about [...]

Something to celebrate!

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Here’s one that may have got away I fear. The Modern Tribe by Celebration has slipped into our record stores without any fanfare, seemingly unreviewed in a week with a heap of other ‘big’ releases. Heck, it wasn’t even the biggest release of the week on its own label, with the new Beirut album being [...]