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I’m getting a bit tiring in this refrain I know, but here’s another group who have come at me sideways lately, confounding my expectations. Given that Gang Gang Dance had gigs put on by Upset! The Rhythm recently, I was expecting something a bit more leftfield and abstract. But instead, on their new EP Rawwar (released yesterday – 9/11 no less), the lead track Nicoman sounds like it wouldn’t have been out of place on the new MIA album, with its chanting and tribal grooves. I say that particularly as I first listened to it right in between bouts of listening to Kala. The transition was seamless.

Oxygen Demo Riddim is more of a straightforward noodly dance tune, whereas the 11 minute-long third track The Eathquake That Frees Prisoners is a bit more out there, with cries, random beats and other odd synthy and sampling goings on. Maybe this is a bit more what I expected. All in though, a good introduction to the band, who have been around for a few years and have released three albums already, and I’m already on my way to check out more.

Download: Gang Gang Dance – Nicoman

Order the Rawwar EP.

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