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Several days too late I know, but August was such a good month, that I couldn’t let it pass. Here goes.

Album of the Month

St Vincent – Marry Me

What to choose? It’s been a pretty blinding month for album releases. We’ve had Richard Hawley, MIA, New Pornograhers, Super Furry Animals and Eugene McGuinness for starters. It’s been a hard ‘un but I’m going with Annie Clark’s debut album, just because it’s a brilliant, genre-spanning thing of beauty which just sounds better with every listen. Plus I’m getting out for a rare gig tonight to see her play. I’ll report back as usual.

Download: St Vincent – Marry Me

Buy Marry Me.

Songs of the month

Richard Hawley – Valentine

There are so many highlights from the Lady’s Bridge album, but I’m going with this one, the lead track. He really is the finest indie-crooner out there, and this tune is a rich and velvety treat. And is he a pop star now he’s had a top 10 album. I saw Lady’s Bridge on sale in Waitrose the other day. I guess that means he’s finally hit the mainstream.

MIA – Paper Planes [click back to previous post for mp3]

My current fave from the amazing Kala album. Unlike Richard Hawley, Kala struggled into the lower reaches of the top 40. Why is this not in the top 10? Maybe she doesn’t really have a ‘target market’, or more likely, the people that like her most are those who’ll either download it free or get a promo copy. Urm, maybe I’m one of those responsible for her lack of hits then…

Emmy the Great – Easter Parade

So this is the second time this song has been in my songs of the month recently. Last time it was a fresh demo, and I didn’t know it was going to be released. This time it has been, as part of the wonderful My Bad EP. It’s only Emmy’s second proper record release, and here’s hoping for another on quickly.

Foals – Mathletics

Everyone knows there are just too many boys in bands playing spiky post-punk stuff these days. But then the odd group comes along who seem to have that something that elevates them above the rest of the indistinguishable mess out there. Foals are one of these bands and this is a top tune.

Super Furry Animals – Neo Consumer

There’s just so much to enjoy about the new Super Furry Animals album Hey Venus! Not least this hugely enjoyable track which is essentially an update of God! Show Me Magic for 2007. And what a fine idea that was.

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