Still travelling at the Speed of Light

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Here’s some more Lightspeed Champion for ye. I don’t need to write anything more about him, ‘cos he explains it all in this little film that’s been put together by the folks at Dazed for your watching pleasure. Hear about the connection between Lightspeed and maths! Find out more about his new album Falling [...]

Liverpool artists in retro music shocker

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The Coral are one of these bands that I’m pretty familiar with, without having really spent that much time with their music. Maybe it’s because of the ubiquity of the first two albums – their eponymous debut and Magic and Medicine – coming hot on each other’s heels in 2002 and 2003. They seemed to [...]

Arthur Russell: Legend

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The second good new release out today is a nice liitle four-track EP on Rough Trade featuring four different artists doing covers of Arthur Russell songs. It’s the brainchild of Jens Lekman, who fell in love with Russell’s music, via the Another Thought compilation, whilst wandering round Germany when he was 19. He suggested a [...]

MIA coming back with power!

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I’ve got a burgeoning ‘intray’ of new albums to bring to ya, so let’s kick off with one that’s out today…
On the opening track on Kala, MIA declares that “MIA is coming back with power”. Unlike so many of R ‘n’ B contemporaries where increasing self-aggrandisement is equally matched by terminal lack of ideas and [...]

Emmy the Great - live radio session

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The second radio session of the day is by none other than Emmy the Great, making it a double Emmy whammy over the past couple of days on The Daily Growl.
She came into the very same Xfm studios to play another live Xfm session for John Kennedy. This time it was all about plugging her [...]

New Iron & Wine

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I’ve got a couple of good radio sessions for y’all today First up is Iron & Wine. Straight after his solo acoustic gig at The Spitz last week, Sam Beam hot-footed it over from the East End to Xfm to play a couple of tracks live in the studio for John Kennedy. He did the [...]

Tuesday night, a hug and a pint (and two gigs)

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It’s been 10 weeks. 1 June was the last time I was at a gig. That’s what having a baby does to your gig-going habit. But that’s OK – I haven’t exactly been bursting to get out. There are just too much other things to do, and tiredness is also a big factor. However, I [...]

Straight outta my inbox

Wednesday, 15 August 2007, 16:25 | Category : Uncategorized
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Like most music bloggers, I get a whole load of emails from bands, labels and artists keen to get their stuff featured on blogs. I guess they want to up their Hype Machine count at least, or at best become the next big ‘blog band’, like Beirut or Tapes ‘n’ Tapes. I often don’t bother [...]

New Laura Groves

Tuesday, 14 August 2007, 16:18 | Category : Uncategorized
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Here’s something very nice that came my way the other day. The new single from lovely northern chanteuse Laura Groves. She’s recently been signed to XL imprint Salvia Records, and it’s the debut release for both the label and Laura. Of course, I’ve been on about her a few times before, and even posted the [...]

Vote for me!

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It’s voting time again. Last year I came 17 in the UK Digital Music Awards. This time I’m aiming higher! So get clicking on that right hand button and give me your vote!
Mind you, I’m not really expecting to win. There are better blogs out there and blogs with far more readers (the two don’t [...]