Jake Flowers and the Carol-Anne Showband

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I first came across Jake Flowers and the Carol-Anne Showband on Song, By Toad the other week. Just my sort of thing, I thought as I listened to the tracks. I was about to email Matthew to ask where he got these from, when an email pinged into my inbox from Jake Flowers himself, announcing Troy McClure style “Hi, I’m Jake Flowers. You may know me from such blogs as Song, By Toad…” Well, not really, but cheap gag aside, they did announce themselves and offered me one of their promos, which I was happy to receive.

It turns out that this is a collaboration between two sets of artists. Jake Flowers normally plies his trade with his The Jake Flowers Scandal project, and The Carol-Anne Showband are er, a showband in their own right. On this new amalgamation of forces, Jake writes the tunes, and the Carol-Anne boys ably back him up. Both artists bring their own folky charms to the table, and end up with more decent folk-based music, which though quite English in sound has a certain American bluesy swagger to it. So well spotted Mr Flowers – you’ve obviously understood the kind of thing that I like. Though you’ve puzzled me by saying that you’re getting played on Kerrang! Radio – exactly what is it that passes for metal these days? I’m obviously out of touch.

Download: Jake Flowers & the Carol-Anne Showband – Rosalie
Download: Jake Flowers & the Carol-Anne Showband – Stalker

Don’t’ forget to check out the original projects too – links above.

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