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I’m having a bit of a refurb round here. Getting the builders in and giving The Daily Growl a bit of a much-needed lick of paint. It’s started with the new banner up top there (kindly provided for my by my colleague Paul). Let me know what you think…

I’ve also been updating my blogroll, and I just thought it was worth mentioning a few new(ish) British blogs I’ve come across lately. I might not share all of their taste in music exactly, but they’re just people (some of them just kids) writing about music they love. And that’s what music blogging should be all about.

Pop Register
The Deku Tree
This Isn’t Some Kind of Metaphor
Suburban Ghetto Musick

And speaking of such things, don’t forget to vote for me in the UK Digital Music Awards! Song, By Toad has really taken up the baton laid down by me on an earlier post. Remember to vote for him too – and all the other UK music blogs you like.

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  1. 1Tom OMG

    Thanks for the link!

  2. 2SiD

    hey, i was wondering if you’d like to add my blog to your blogroll? I messaged you a while ago but you didnt get back to me. I’ve been reading your blog for a while, you have a good taste in music and ive found a host of new bands/artists through you. anyway come check out my blog ( and let me know if you wanna exchange links!

  3. 3mr k

    Awesome banner. I should probably figure out how to make one, although I’m coincidentally quite busy redecorating a house! Slave labour indeed.

  4. 4mjrc

    hey, thanks for the linkage! i like the banner, too. : )

  5. 5The Daily Growl


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