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Here’s some more Lightspeed Champion for ye. I don’t need to write anything more about him, ‘cos he explains it all in this little film that’s been put together by the folks at Dazed for your watching pleasure. Hear about the connection between Lightspeed and maths! Find out more about his new album Falling off Lavender Bridge! Learn why he doesn’t have a TV! All interspersed with live tracks and the vid for Galaxy of the Lost.


All the remains for me to do is post some more tracks. We have Waiting Game, the b-side of Galaxy and a cover of Green Day’s Scattered, done with Florence, of the Machine fame. I fear that Dev may turn into a Green Day covers act, or maybe even a Weezer covers act. Who knows?

Download: Lightspeed Champion – Waiting Game
Download: Lightspeed Champion & Florence – Scattered (Green Day cover)

The latest Dev news is that he hit a spot of musical fecundity yesterday when he wrote and recorded an album in under 5 hours. Called the I Wrote and Recorded This Album in Less Than Five Hours LP, it comprises a whole 10 tracks. As you might expect from something done as quickly, the recording is pretty rough and most of the songs aren’t that great, but there are at least three decent enough ones, which I’ve bothered to post below. The rest? Well, you can download the whole thing here and hear for yourself. Don’t be surprised if some of it crops up in ‘official’ Lightspeed releases. Mind you, given that Lavender Bridge isn’t due out until Janauary, the next official album could be a long time in coming. By then, who knows how many more LPs Dev will randomly chuck out.

Download: Lightspeed Champion – One Day Record 1
Download: Lightspeed Champion – One Day Record 2
Download: Lightspeed Champion – One Day Record 8

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