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The second radio session of the day is by none other than Emmy the Great, making it a double Emmy whammy over the past couple of days on The Daily Growl.

She came into the very same Xfm studios to play another live Xfm session for John Kennedy. This time it was all about plugging her new My Bad EP of course, so she played City Song, MIA and The Woods, not this time featuring Lightspeed Champion, but instead ably backed up by mysterious friends who went by the names of The Stars of Sunday League and Young Husband (presumably not this one). I think they’re just the folks from her new band (it’s not Noah and the Whale backing her any more, as I found out on Tuesday night).

Anyway, it was all good stuff, and the songs plus an interview of sorts made for a very pleasing half hour or so of radio. So, download the three songs below and then go and buy the EP (there’s also a cheeky extra track for download that’s not on the vinyl). You know it’s the right thing to do.

Download: Emmy the Great – City Song (live on Xfm)
Download: Emmy the Great – MIA (live on Xfm)
Download: Emmy the Great – The Woods (live on Xfm)

9 Comments for “Emmy the Great - live radio session”

  1. 1Tom OMG

    I love emmy!
    i’m a regular lurker here, and i just voteds for you on that bt thing.
    my taste is a bit different to yours a lot, but i love your writing!

  2. 2jehan

    emmy is lovely. listening to these is increasing the need for me to drag myself down to a proper gig. her set at glasto was tainted by the fact everybody just came in to get out of the rain and not listen.

  3. 3The Daily Growl

    Cheers Tom

  4. 4Iain F

    Thanks a lot for these! Just saw her do an instore at Pure Groove records in Holloway, was very impressed

  5. 5KD

    Anyone know if the EP is/will be available on CD or for download? I don’t have a record player at the moment, see…

  6. 6The Daily Growl

    It won’t be available on CD, but it should be available on download (according to Emmy at least), with an extra track - Aiko. However, I’ve not been able to track it down on the decent download sites (Bleep, emusic) or even the indecent ones (iTunes, etc). Hopefully it’ll be up soon.

  7. 7KD

    OK, good news, I’ll look out for it.

  8. 8Chirag

    Any chance someone could reupload the xfm songs? Or if you can send them to me, I can host them on my server for prosperity!!

  9. 9Dominic Montoya

    so why aren’t the songs actually downloadable? What a shame, haha. I’ve been looking for City Song everywhere. Any ideas? Cheers.

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