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It’s voting time again. Last year I came 17 in the UK Digital Music Awards. This time I’m aiming higher! So get clicking on that right hand button and give me your vote!

Mind you, I’m not really expecting to win. There are better blogs out there and blogs with far more readers (the two don’t necessarily go together), but I would like to get higher up the pecking order. But even more importantly, I want to see proper British music blogs occupying that top 10. Not like last year where the top 5 was taken up by ‘blogs’ by top-selling artists which I cynically see as just another promotional racket (yes, I’m looking at you Mike Skinner and Dave Gilmour) and others that weren’t really music blogs at all.

No, what I want to see this year is something reflecting the list of British blogs on my links over right there. So vote early and vote often. For me and for other good blogs. And let’s see a proper music blogger – i.e. a non-professional, just writing for sheer love of music – on the podium come 2 October.

Download: The Flaming Lips – Race for the Prize

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8 Comments for “Vote for me!”

  1. 1Katie

    I’ve voted for you! I love your blog, it is ace. Hehe. Thanks.

  2. 2Matthew

    I love your blog too, but for all too obvious reasons I may not vote for you.
    As you say, better fucking anyone than a corporate PR wankathon though.

  3. 3The Daily Growl

    But Matthew, the beauty of the awards is you can vote for as many blogs as you want - just not for the same one twice. I think I’ll do that. Heck, I’ll probably even vote for you! Anything other than see Mike Skinner win it again…

  4. 4jamila FUCKING DANCE

    17 is an ace place to come but you definitely deserve top ten! i have about fifty email addresses and therefore will be voting for my favourites lots. not going to vote for myself though! i will leave that 100% upto everyone else.

  5. 5Matthew

    I am abso-fucking-lutely going to vote for myself once per email address (I only have about three or four, so it’s not as bad as all that).

    Then, seeing as you’ve pointed it out to me, I am going to vote for all my pals as well! UK-indie-blog-nepotism-a-gogo!

  6. 6Matthew

    Have you seen the FUCKING STATE of the blog list up on the site now? Jesus fucking wept.

    I feel a Facebook Group coming on. ‘Vote for Real Blogs’!

    I feel a campaign of spite coming on too. What an awful, awful list.

  7. 7The Daily Growl

    Yeah, they’re a bit weird - eh? Not really blogs of course. Then again, maybe the Stanton Warriors need something to keep themselves occupied these days…

  8. 8phaeton

    I voted - every time I google anything on Hype Machine it seems to point me here which makes me think that you are my spiritual music guru. Or something less shit than that. Oohh, lovely Laura Groves was on 6music this morning - that was a nice discovery.

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