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There are all sort of badly-punning titles that you can get from a band called Health, so you got off lightly there. This is a neat follow-on from my recent posts on No Age and Crystal Castles. Like No Age, Health (or maybe that should read HEALTH) are part of the exciting LA scene that centres around downtown music and arts space The Smell, where they recorded their debut self-titled album, due out on Lovepump United next month.

Before that though, they’re due to hit the public consciousness a bit more due to their split 7 inch releases with hipsters’ favourites Crystal Castles – one out on Lovepump United in the US, another out on Trouble Records over here. That can only be a good thing, as the album is a rare treat that needs to be brought to wider attention. It probably isn’t for everyone though.

Health have got the noisy, distorted guitar and electronics thing off very nicely. As well as pounding basslines and echoey drums, there’s also shrill, sharp screeches of guitar and synth noise, screams and controlled messing about, which arrives, makes its presence strongly felt, and ends less than 30 minutes later leaving you a bit breathless. It’s an album that can be as frustrating as it is thrilling, but in a world where music is often so much wallpaper, a bit of a challenge is very welcome. As the sleeve suggests, this is a record to be played at a high volume. Maybe then we can appreciate its quality even more.

Good though the album is, I’m sure that it’s live where Health really come into their element. The good news is that they’re due to hit London very soon, playing at the new Rough Trade East, as well as for Upset! The Rhythm at Barden’s Boudoir. Who knows, I may make it out to one of these. Then we can see how they kick it live. I’m sure it’ll be a blast.

Download: HEALTH – Heaven
Download: HEALTH – Perfect Skin

No pre-order links, ‘cos I can’t find any. Will add when they become available…

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  1. 1DNT Records

    DNT Records is releasing the limited cassette version of the new album, edition of 200

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